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Career Influencers

We provide support for mentoring your youth and young adults in developing a natural resource career.

We have developed the tools, trainings, and resources to assist you in guiding youth and young adults on their journey to the natural resource sector.

Download our job-seeker manual, “A How-To Guide for Pursuing a Career in Natural Resources” in both English and Spanish for free, any time.

This guide is the passport to entry-level natural resource career opportunities. In it, you will find in-depth information about:

  • How to navigate USA Jobs, the federal hiring portal.
  • How to find and apply for state and local government jobs.
  • Where to find jobs.
  • Where you can get a certificate or degree in Colorado in a natural resource field.
  • Case studies that show all the different pathways to a successful career.
  • In-depth overviews of common careers.
  • Opportunities beyond field-based and science-based careers.

Provide your email address to download the “A How-To Guide for Pursuing a Career in Natural Resources” in either English or Spanish.

Careers in Natural Resources Trainings

With the help of our initiative partners statewide, CYCA and CAEE have designed a training program that orients job-seekers in a meaningful, tactile way to our guide.

Our direct trainings to job-seekers were so successful that we designed a “Train-the-Trainer” program to empower Career Influencers to facilitate them whenever they are needed.

Attendees to our “Train-the-Trainer” sessions receive lesson plans, printed copies of our job-seeker guide, access to digital resources, and assistance creating their Training Action Plan.

If you aren’t able to join us in person, be sure to check out this 1-hour webinar on Supporting Youth in Pursuing a Natural Resource Career.

One attendee of a “train-the-trainer” workshop stated, “I shared my copy of the guidebook with a student who was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about her career change. She was much more exited and enthusiastic after reading through the book!”

Upcoming Events

Here you can find our upcoming events! We hold Train-the-Trainer sessions annually to provide Career Influencers with successful strategies to mentor young adults toward their first job.

We also host statewide summits to identify the next challenges to be addressed, share best practices, and chart the path forward for the Careers in Natural Resources Initiative.

    • Fall 2020: The next Careers in Natural Resources Training Workshop will be in Fall 2020. Stay tuned for more information or sign up for our newsletter below to be alerted when a new training is offered.
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