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How do you want to make a difference?

There’s a career in natural resources just right for you!

Natural resource jobs are those that involve research, education, management, use, and conservation of different natural resources, including water, land, plants, soil, and animals.

4 Great Reasons to Explore a Natural Resource Career:

  • Job Growth – Over the last decade, natural resource and other environmental and “green” jobs have grown faster than jobs in other categories by almost 250 percent.
  • Make a Difference – Whether it is monitoring water pollution, educating a class of fourth graders about pollinators, or providing IT support for a wildlife agency, people in natural resource jobs are generally happier because they are making a difference in our planet, in other people’s lives, in communities where they work, and for our children’s futures.
  • Have Fun! – Many people choose a natural resource job because it supports a passion for wildlife, the outdoors, recreation, and/or working with people.
  • There’s a Career for Everyone – You don’t have to work IN the outdoors to work FOR the outdoors. Even if you don’t enjoy being outside or don’t love the sciences, there’s a job for you. Jobs exist across all different sectors (government, nonprofit, business, education) and across all education levels.
Find a Career That’s Right for You

Maybe you already know exactly what you want to do, or maybe you aren’t sure at all. In either case, use the links and information below to help explore natural resource careers and find your fit! All of these resources and more can be found in the “How-To Guide for Pursuing a Natural Resource Career,” which you can download in both English and Spanish for free, any time (see right box).

  • A Look at Natural Resource Occupations – Download this series of fact sheets, which each focuses on a different resource – to learn more about what jobs exist, what education and training is required, how to get experience and where to look for jobs.
  • Career Spotlights – Read about seven diverse natural resource jobs to learn more about what a day on the job looks like for different natural resource professionals, what skills, education and training are needed, and how much a person in that job earns.
  • Career Path Worksheet – Use this worksheet to think about your own education, interests and skills. Then, list jobs of interest to you, training or education you would need for those jobs, and potential employers.
  • Natural Resource Degree Programs in Colorado – Across Colorado’s higher education institutions, there are 276 different degrees in natural resources! Find one that is nearby or interests you.
  • Who’s Who: A Look at Natural Resource Agencies in Colorado – Look through these fact sheets for a brief snapshot of each natural resource agency in Colorado and its focus. See which inspire you!

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Career Resources
Explore More on the New GreenPathways Website

In January 2022, the Careers in Natural Resources Initiative launched a brand-new sister website,, focused on helping teens and young adults:

  • Learn about different green careers
  • Explore education pathways
  • Interact with natural resource professionals in Colorado about their jobs
  • Connect to local organizations where they can try new things, connect with other youth and build experience.
Check out the new site to take a green career quiz, see opportunities to engage near you, and find stories and videos about green professionals making a difference!

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